"We were so afraid to move but Gentle Pack was so caring, so kind, and so attentive to my needs... We moved without an care in the world.. Because of Gentle Pack..."

Karen P.

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Partial Testimonial...
We truly understand... Moving can be one of the most scary things for people to do and as we get older, it even intensifies the experience. In many cases we never thought we would have to move but now, we must and who can help us? Who understands what we are going through? We have many years of "stuff" build up and how do we manage this?

And how is it that we know what you need at this time of need? Well, let me tell you...

All of us move through life with gusto and living; gathering, and storing things away for when we might need them. Now, you find our self with lots of stuff and need to move. We understand. We can help you downsize and consolidate your belongs, if needed. If not, we can organize and pack so at the other end, it will be easy to reestablish your belongings; as we know that is what we all want.
Marla Franco personally taking care of packing items insuring they are "gentle packed"...

We needed to move from our house to a condo. Gentle Pack helped us with all the difficulties associated with a move... And they did it with compassion and excellence!
I contacted several other moving companies but none of them understood what I was going through with my move. I have been in my home for 40 years and needed to move to an assisted living facility. Gentle Pack understood my concerns and issues. They were the only one of the companies that seemed to understand. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to move a more gentler way.

Marlene M.
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Karen... Gentle Pack understood my concern over my upcoming move.. They were the only ones who did... That is why I used them.
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