"gentle pack was the only company that I felt I could trust; and I was right. What a wonderful company and my move wasn't stressful at all!"

Partial Testimonial...

Marla Franco helped me with my move; every step of the way. I was so nervous to move but Marla made it easy for me and my husband.
We have been connected to the moving industry for many years. We have seen it all and some of it doesn't look to good. We saw a crying need for some company who could increase their compassion for the moving clients. Not to be just another moving client where they are told when the movers were going to get there and they had better be ready or it will cost so much more. Many moving companies just look at their clients as just another number. We didn't like what we saw so we started Gentle Pack.

We understand how hard moving is and how disruptive it can be to a client. We understand how difficult moves really are especially if you are downsizing to fit in a much smaller place. What do I keep, store, sell, donate or dispose.   Those are very difficult choices for anyone to make and that is why we thought about having a company that is just like your old best friend. Someone there to make things easier and help you make good decisions. That is us: Gentle Pack.

Moving can be just so overwhelming that you can get real anxiety over it. Where to start? How to start? Where to put things...

That is where we come in to help. We have been in and around the moving industry for many years. We know all the ins and outs that can help you with your move. We routinely help seniors to prepare, downsize, pack up, move out and set up in your new location. That is what we do and that is what we LOVE to do... Help you move. Help you organize. Help you to not get stressed out!

It's our passion to help seniors and we have been doing so for many years. Let us help you too... That is what we are all about.
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